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Unlock the Power of Navigation: An Add on Touch Screen Navigation F150 Ford

Importance of Navigation Systems in Vehicles:

Add on Touch screen Navigation F150 systems have become an indispensable part of modern vehicles. With the increasing complexity of roads and the need for real-time traffic updates, a reliable navigation system can help drivers reach their destinations quickly and safely. Navigation systems also provide drivers valuable information about the surrounding area, including points of interest and alternate routes.

Overview of Add on Touch Screen Navigation F150 Upgrade:

The Ford F150 is one of the most popular pickup trucks, known for its durability and versatility. Upgrading your Ford F150 with a touch screen navigation system can enhance your driving experience and make navigating easier. Touchscreen navigation systems provide drivers with clear, easy-to-use interfaces and real-time traffic updates. Additionally, many Add on Touch screen Navigation F150 offer a variety of features, such as hands-free calling and music streaming, to make driving more convenient.

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This comprehensive guide will discuss the factors to consider before upgrading your Ford F150 with a touch screen navigation system, the different types of touch screen navigation systems available, and a step-by-step guide to upgrading your vehicle. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or prefer to have a professional do the work, this guide will provide the information you need to upgrade your Ford F150 with a touch screen navigation system.

Factors to Consider before Upgrading Add on Touch Screen Navigation F150:

1) Compatibility with your Ford F150 Model:

Before upgrading your Ford F150 with a Add on Touch screen Navigation F150, it’s important to determine if the system you’re interested in is compatible with your vehicle. Different models of the Ford F150 have other specifications and may require different navigation systems. Additionally, some Ford F150 models may require additional hardware or software to work correctly with a touch screen navigation system. Check the Compatibility of the navigation system you’re interested in before making a purchase.

2) Cost and Budget:

Touch screen navigation systems can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the features and quality of the system. When setting a budget for your upgrade, it’s essential to consider the Cost of the navigation system itself and any additional expenses, such as installation costs and any required hardware or software.

3) Professional Installation or DIY:

Upgrading your Ford F150 with a Add on Touch screen can be a complex process that involves removing the factory radio and connecting the new navigation system. If you’re comfortable working on your vehicle and have car electronics experience, you may perform the upgrade yourself. However, you need more confidence in your abilities. In that case, it’s best to have a professional install to ensure the system is installed correctly and your vehicle’s warranty is not voided.

4) Warranty and Support Options:

When purchasing a touch screen for your Ford F150, it’s essential to consider the warranty and support options offered by the manufacturer. Some plans may come with a warranty covering any defects or malfunctions, while others provide limited support. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the availability of updates and technical support for the system you choose. A warranty and support options can give you peace of mind and help ensure that your touch screen navigation system operates correctly and provides you with the needed features.

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Types of Touch Screen Navigation Systems Available for Ford F150:

A) Factory Navigation System Upgrade:

A factory navigation system upgrade is a touch screen navigation system manufactured and installed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of your Ford F150. This navigation system is designed specifically for your vehicle and integrates seamlessly with the existing electronics and systems. Factory navigation system upgrades are typically more expensive than aftermarket systems, but they offer a higher level of Compatibility and integration with your vehicle.

B) Aftermarket Navigation System:

An aftermarket navigation system is a touch screen navigation system manufactured by a third-party company and designed to work with various vehicles, including the Ford F150. Aftermarket navigation systems offer a more comprehensive range of features and customization options and can often be purchased at a lower cost than factory systems. However, Compatibility and integration with your vehicle may not be as seamless as with a factory system.

C) Comparison of Factory and Aftermarket Systems:

When choosing between a factory and an aftermarket touchscreen navigation system, you must consider your specific needs and preferences. Factory systems offer a higher level of Compatibility and integration with your vehicle but are typically more expensive. Aftermarket systems provide a wider range of features and customization options but may need to be more seamlessly integrated with your vehicle. Consider your budget, the level of integration required, and the features you’re looking for in a touch screen navigation system to determine which option is best for you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading your Ford F150 Navigation System:

a) Tools and Materials Needed:

Before beginning the upgrade process, you will need to gather the tools and materials needed to complete the installation. These may include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench set
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • Vehicle-specific wiring harness
  • Touch screen navigation system
  • Dash kit (if required)

b) Disconnecting the Battery:

Before starting the upgrade, it’s important to disconnect the battery to prevent any electrical shock or damage to the vehicle’s electronics. Locate the negative battery terminal and remove it using a wrench.

c) Removing the Factory Radio:

The next step is to remove the factory radio. This can typically be accomplished by removing screws or bolts holding the radio. Once the screws have been removed, the factory radio can be carefully disconnected from the wiring harness and removed from the dashboard.

d) Connecting the new Navigation System:

The new touch screen navigation system can be installed with the factory radio removed. Connect the wiring harness of the navigation system to the vehicle’s corresponding wiring harness, following the manufacturer’s instructions. If a dash kit is required, install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, install the navigation system in the dashboard and secure it with screws or bolts.

e) Final Testing and Setup:

Once the navigation system has been installed, it’s time to perform a final test and set up the system. Reconnect the battery, start the vehicle, and test the navigation system to ensure it functions properly. Configure any settings or preferences and ensure the system is set up to your liking. Finally, enjoy your newly upgraded Ford F150 with touchscreen navigation!

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Maintenance and Care for Add on Touch Screen Navigation System F150:

a) Updating Maps and Software:

Regular updates to your Navigation maps and software can ensure the system continues to function optimally and provide accurate navigation information. Check the manufacturer’s website or in-system settings regularly for available updates, and follow the instructions to download and install them.

b) Cleaning and Protecting the Screen:

A navigation system’s screen can quickly become dirty and smudged, affecting its performance and appearance. Use a soft cloth dampened with water or a screen cleaning solution to keep the screen clean. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or anything that could scratch the screen. Consider installing a screen protector or using a cover when the system is not in use to protect the screen.

c) Avoiding Rough Handling and Extreme Temperatures:

To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your Touch screen Navigation, avoid rough handling and exposure to extreme temperatures. This can include avoiding direct sunlight for extended periods, sudden temperature changes, and physical impacts such as dropping or knocking the system. Additionally, store the system and its components in a safe and secure location when not in use.

Compatible Add on Touch Screen Navigation Systems for Your Ford F150:

Before purchasing an add-on touch screen navigation system, it’s crucial to ensure that it is compatible with your Ford F150. The following are some of the top touch screen navigation systems that are known to work with the Ford F150.

  1. Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX
  2. Kenwood DNX996XR
  3. Sony XAV-AX8000
  4. JVC KW-V940BW
  5. Alpine iLX-F309

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How much does it cost to add a touch screen navigation system to a Ford F150?

Ans) The cost of an add-on touch screen navigation system for a Ford F150 can vary widely, depending on the make and model of the system and the vehicle. On average, it can range from $500 to $2000.

Q) Does adding a touch screen navigation system affect the warranty on my Ford F150?

Ans) Adding an aftermarket touch screen navigation system to your Ford F150 will not affect the warranty on the vehicle. However, the warranty on the touch screen navigation system itself may be limited, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing.

Q) Can I still use the built-in controls for the radio and climate control after adding a touch screen navigation system?

Ans) Yes, you can still use the built-in controls for the radio and climate control after adding a touch screen navigation system. The touch screen navigation system will simply provide an additional interface for navigation and other features.

Q) Is it Easy to upgrade to a touch screen navigation system in my Ford F150?

Upgrading to a touchscreen navigation system in your F150 can be done with a moderate level of technical knowledge and the right tools. However, if you are not comfortable with the installation process, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance.

Advantages of having an Touch Screen Navigation System in Ford F150

A touch screen navigation system can bring several benefits to your Ford F150, including:

Improved navigation and routing: 

The touch screen navigation system can provide more accurate and up-to-date navigation information, helping you reach your destination more efficiently.

Enhanced infotainment: 

The touch screen navigation system can also provide access to entertainment and information, such as music, videos, and other apps.

Increased convenience: 

The touch screen interface makes it easier to control and interact with the system than traditional button-based systems.


Adding a touchscreen to your Ford F150 can greatly enhance your driving experience by providing convenient navigation, live traffic updates, and real-time weather information. The process of installation is relatively straightforward, but it’s recommended to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and seek professional assistance if needed. Upgrading to a Add on Touch screen Navigation F150 is a smart investment for Ford F150 owners, providing added convenience and value to your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your Ford with an add-on touchscreen navigation system today!

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