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Some Cheapest Options for iPhone Screen Repair in Vancouver

iPhone Screen Repair in Vancouver
Written by Gaith

You have broken your iPhone screen once again. Plus, you are out of cash for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver. Now, you are thinking about what you can do about your broken phone screen. Do not worry, there are some cheap options you have for dealing with a broken iPhone screen. Besides, you may also not need to buy anything from the store to implement those options. It is because you will likely have the things you will need to cheaply fix your broken iPhone screen. Without further ado, let us dive into the cheapest options you have for iPhone screen repair at your convenience:

Scrub Your Broken iPhone Screen with Toothpaste:

Using toothpaste to fix your broken iPhone screen may seem bizarre to you; nevertheless, it is not. Besides, many phone users have given this technique a try, as the technique has been around for quite a long time. You may not realize that toothpaste can do more for you than just cleaning your teeth. Further, you can use toothpaste to fix cracked phone screens, such as a broken iPhone screen.

Whether you know it or not, toothpastes have evolved into a powerful for repairing broken iPhone screens. Further, the process to use toothpaste for a broken iPhone screen repair is easy, and of course, inexpensive. You do not also need third-party assistance to proceed with repairing your cracked screen with toothpaste. It works almost the same way you brush your teeth at your home. You should give this method a try if you want to know how it works. Here is the three-step procedure you will need to follow to fix your cracked iPhone screen with toothpaste:

Step 1: Paste the toothpaste on the cracked area of your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Lightly rub the paste into the cracked area and allow the area to dry for some time.

Step 3: Lastly, wipe the area with clean cotton.

Keep in mind that using toothpaste to fix your cracked phone screen won’t remove all dots. Still, it will fix the cracked areas as your temporary screen repair option. Besides, you can always visit a phone repair shop for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver when you have the money. 

Use Nail Polish Rather Than Toothpaste to Fix the Problem:

You can easily access nail polish in your home, as it is a common household item. You may need to borrow it from your neighbour if you do not have it in your home. You can even buy nail polish if your pocket allows it, although it is not a very expensive item. Similar to toothpaste, nail polish can help you fix a cracked iPhone screen. Additionally, you will need to stick to the following steps to fix your cracked iPhone screen with nail polish:

Step 1: Apply nail polish directly to the cracked area of your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Let the polish dry for a few minutes.

Step 3: Next, deploy a razor blade to get rid of the dry polish from your iPhone screen.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure to get the results that you are after.

Install a Screen Protector as a Temporary Measure to Protect Your Device:

If you do not have the budget to repair your phone screen, you may install a screen protector. It will serve as a temporary measure for you but also protect your iPhone screen from further damage. It is also important that you make sure that the dust or water does not enter your cracked phone screen

Why Should You Avoid Repairing a Cracked Screen on Your Own? 

If you can afford to repair your cracked phone screen, it is best you contact a professional. Keep in mind that DIY phone screen repair attempts have risks unless you are an expert phone repair technician. There are potential risks and hazards if you try to fix your cracked phone screen on your own. Here are some of them:

  • Using a liquid substance for screen repair is perilous if you do not apply it correctly. 
  • Moreover, DIY phone screen repairs are prone to damage when your phone exposes to liquids, such as water.
  • Additionally, each phone, such as iPhones, require a specific accessory for repairs. Therefore, you should not think that you can fix your cracked iPhone screen with another phone accessory.
  • Most importantly, you can void the warranty of your iPhone with a DIY iPhone repair.


It can happen that you break your iPhone and lack the budget to repair your broken iPhone from a professional. In such a situation, there are some temporary fixes to the problem, such as:

  1. Scrub Your Broken iPhone Screen with a Toothpaste
  2. Use a Nail Polish Rather Than a Toothpaste to Fix the Problem
  3. Install a Screen Protector as a Temporary Measure to Protect Your Device

Still, your best bet is to consult a professional for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver if you can. Otherwise, your iPhone can suffer possible risks, such as further damage or the loss of warranty.

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