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Outdoor Home Security Camera Placement Diagram

outdoor home security camera placement diagram
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In this article, we will discuss the outdoor home security camera placement diagram. In other words where to place your security cameras so you can get the best results. Security cameras can help protect your home from intruders. Whether you’re looking for a simple security camera or something more advanced, it is essential to know where to put them.

outdoor home security camera placement diagram


Where to Place Your Home Security Camera

You should install cameras in places where people can easily see them. If you’re going to install a camera where you can’t see it, you need to make sure that nobody sees it. It would be best to make sure that the camera doesn’t block any view of something important. Cameras should be mounted below walls to avoid blind spots. A 3.6 mm lens provides the widest viewing angles while maintaining an acceptable quality. Wide-angle lenses tend to distort images at distances. Avoid using lenses wider than 2.8 mm. This is a very important point for the outdoor home security camera placement diagram.

Do’s & Don’ts

Cameras should never be placed back to back. Blind spots will occur if you place them this way. Also, there is no need for two cameras on the same wall. You can use one camera instead of two. Cameras should be positioned in such a way that there are no blind spots. All corners should be covered by at least two cameras. Vandalism can be prevented if cameras are placed in this manner.

Positioning Your Outdoor Security Cameras

Cameras should be placed in the most secure locations possible. These include the front door, garage, back yard, and driveway. You should install cameras near off-street windows about 23% of the time. Thieves will enter your house via a rear window, away from the street’s view, decreasing their chances of getting caught.

You may also consider placing cameras inside the house as well. Indoors are as important as outdoor home security camera placement diagram.

Place Cameras at the Highest Point

Cameras should be placed high up on your property. This provides you with a better picture of what’s going on in and around your home. A PTZ camera allows you to see more detail than a fixed camera.

These cameras are waterproof and come with remote control. They also have night vision and can be controlled remotely.

outdoor home security camera placement diagram

Front Doors

This is the most important point in the outdoor home security camera placement diagram. Cameras should be placed in strategic locations around the house. A camera facing down at the front door is the best location because burglars usually start by trying the front door.

Side and Back Doors

Burglars prefer to break into houses through the back door. They know that this door is less secured than the front door. Placing cameras at the back of the house is the best way to catch intruders. Cameras must be weatherproof.

Backyard cameras should be placed near the backyard entrance and near a shed or other outbuilding. These locations provide maximum coverage of the yard.


Windows are the most common entry point into homes. Burglars prefer them because they can get inside without being seen. Cameras are also helpful as they allow homeowners to see who is entering their homes.


The last point in the outdoor home security camera placement diagram is the garage. Garage Doors can be opened by remote control. You can also consider installing a motion detector in your garage.

Final Thoughts

So we have discussed all possible points for the outdoor home security camera placement diagram.  Outdoor cameras are very useful for monitoring your property when you are away. These devices help you see what is happening even if you are not there. Many various types of exterior cameras are currently available. Some are self-contained, while others need the use of an external or internal base station. Most outdoor cameras use infrared technology to detect movement. This means that you can use these cameras indoors too. When you buy an outdoor camera, make sure that you choose one that is weatherproof and waterproof. Consider purchasing a camera with motion detection capabilities as well. Using this feature, you can keep tabs on who is entering and exiting your property. Finally, you can get a model with audio and video recording capabilities. This makes it simple to capture activities in your own home.

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