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How To Fix Hkvision Camera No Night Vision..!

hkvision camera no night vision
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How to fix Hkvision camera No Night Vision? Many people will report their stories about persistent night vision problems. Most hkvision camera owners have experienced no less than one of these errors: issues with blurry images, photosensitivity, or a black screen during video streaming. In this article, we provide an overview of the causes of Hkvision Camera No Night Vision and show you how you can troubleshoot them.

What is Night Vision?

Night Vision is the ability to see in low-light conditions. You see in the dark using IR. Most modern Security cameras have night vision capabilities. So you can feel safe day and night.

How to Fix Hkvision Camera No Night Vision?

The first thing to do if you’re having Hkvision camera No Night Vision errors with your Hkvision camera is to check your settings. Ensure your camera uses the correct resolution and lens type for night vision. If you still experience problems after changing your settings, replacing your camera’s lens may be necessary. You can also try replacing your video card or upgrading your computer’s graphics card.

In rare circumstances, wrong picture settings are to blame for the dark image. To modify:

  1. Open your camera’s web browser and navigate to the picture settings.
  2. Adjust the shutter set to 1/12 sec under shutter speed.
  3. After saving the preset, change the shutter speed to 1/30.
  4. Check to see if the image is clear. You may need to perform some testing until you are satisfied with the picture.

Hkvision Camera No Night Vision Shows Dark Images at Night

Hkvision camera No Night Vision

In certain circumstances, the image seems black because the IR block has died and no longer illuminates the area where the camera is focused. All Hikvision cameras contain a light sensor automatically switches on the IR block when it becomes dark. Then it shuts off when the surroundings brighten up again. You can also Fix Hkvision camera No Night Vision by following the steps below.

Cover the light sensor with your finger to test whether the IR block is working correctly (for dome cameras, remove the glass dome to gain direct access to the light sensor). Usually, the IRs should light red, produce a clicking noise, and switch off after a few seconds. If so, your camera’s infrared (IR) function is correct. You must replace the camera if the IRs do not illuminate.

Hkvision camera No Night Vision

Sometimes only a few IRs fail, say 7 out of the 20 IR components on the IR block. The image will be dim in this instance because the camera does not get enough light from its IR block. You must either replace the IRs or the entire camera.


You can fix your Hkvision camera No Night Vision by following the steps we mentioned above. Hope you find this article helpful. If your night vision error persists you can replace your security camera.

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