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7 Important Reasons to Use a Dashcam

What is a dashcam?

In this article, we will discuss 7 reasons to use a Dashcam but first, we learn what dashcams are?

Dashcams are cameras mounted to vehicles that record everything going on around them. In an accident, dash cams can provide evidence of who was driving and responsible for causing the crash. Rear-facing dashcams allow drivers to see what is happening behind their cars.

Dashcams are great because they allow drivers to see everything going on around them while driving. Drivers can use dashcams to avoid accidents and get away from bad situations. There are several kinds of Dashcams in the market. Some are very expensive, but others are cheap and easy to install. Drivers can choose whatever kind of camera they want.

24 7 Car security Camera – Reasons to use a Dashcam

You can also use Dashboard cameras to monitor parking lots or other areas. So it becomes your 24 7 Car Security Camera.  They can be loaded with many different features such as night vision, 24-hour parking-lot surveillance, and GPS tracking. Some dashboard cameras connect to an app on a cell phone and allow you to watch videos remotely.

How do Dashcams Work?

Dashcams are cameras mounted on cars that record the road while you drive. They start recording as soon as the vehicle is started and continue recording until the battery runs out. The Video loops back around and begins recording again when the memory card gets full.

Dash cams are fantastic devices that help you save money by preventing accidents. They also help police catch criminals because they can see what happened before and after an accident. A car’s g-sensor helps them determine if there was an impact during a crash. Parking mode records anything that occurs when the vehicle is parked.

Why You Should have a Dashcam?

A dashcam will give you a sense of security if you ever encounter a collision. It could save you from having to pay out compensation to the driver who hit you, or it may even prevent you from being sued by the person whose car you were driving.

7 Reasons to use a Dashcam

These are the reasons to use a Dashcam:

1) You’ll be able to prove what happened if someone gets injured or killed.

2) You’ll be able to record evidence of accidents.

3) You’ll be able to document any police misconduct.

4) You’ll be able to capture images of people who break the law.

5) You’ll be able to show how fast you were going when you get pulled over.

6) You’ll be able to help protect yourself from false accusations.

7) You’ll be able to make sure your insurance company pays out for damages.

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Reasons to use a Dashcam

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Have a Record of your Accident

Drivers often have entirely different memories of accidents. Video footage shows that you were not the individual who caused the accident. You can avoid the stress of being blamed for the accident and receive lower auto insurance rates.

Your dashcam footage can help you get your car repaired faster. If insurance companies see video footage of what happened, they may be more willing to pay for repairs.

Get out of a ticket – Reasons to use a Dashcam

If you get pulled over by police officers, always hand them your dashboard camera footage before they write you a ticket. You might be able to beat an A ticket if you prove you were doing nothing wrong. Otherwise, your poor driving record will cause you to pay extra for vehicle insurance. A two-way dash cam saves drivers from getting tickets. Officer lets them go if they aren’t texting or calling.

Help Fight Insurance Fraud

Crash for Cash is an insurance scam that involves staging accidents. Turn over your dashcam footage to insurance companies to catch fraudsters. So the reasons to use a dashcam are to help you save from these scams.

Fraud costs American families billions of dollars every year. Auto insurance companies unknowingly pay out millions of dollars in fraudulent claims. All motorists pay higher rates because of this fraud. Companies divide the cost of fraud among customers. Video evidence is beneficial when fighting insurance claims. A dashcam shows a driver making an unnecessary stop. This causes a personal injury claim to be dropped.

Your Teenager’s Driving Skills

Drivers under the age of 25 should be careful when driving. Young drivers tend to make more mistakes than older ones. They also get tickets more frequently. Insurance companies charge them higher rates because they’re inexperienced and prone to accidents. These are the reasons to use a dashcam. Anything you can do as a parent to help keep your child safe while driving is well worth the effort! Make sure your teen is practicing safely. Whatever you can do to help your teen drive safely is essential.

This is an important part of the TeenSafeDriverProgram. Parents can see what caused their teen drivers to make sudden movements on the road.

Keep an Eye on Your Unattended Vehicle

Most dash cams have an option to automatically record when they feel movement inside or around the vehicle. This means that if someone breaks into your car or hits your parked vehicle and takes off, you might be able to review the video footage and catch the person responsible.

You can get help from your insurance company to find out who did this to you. And you can give the footage to the police to see what they can do about finding the criminal.

Unexpected Events – Reasons to use a Dashcam

There are many reasons to use a dashcam. You may not catch something as astounding as meteors raining down as Russian dashcam owners caught a few years back; however, you may see a Deer dashing out in the road causing an accident, a rock slide damaging your car, or a neighbor’s tree that falls on your vehicle during a storm.

With that footage in hand, if you want to avoid getting a surcharge from your car insurance company, you should look at the best dash cams available.

Are There any Dashcam Disadvantages?

Dashcams are beneficial devices when driving. However, they can be distracting while driving. You may miss something vital if you’re looking at your dashcam instead of what’s happening around you. There are many reasons to use a dashcam.

Cams are usually placed in the middle of the windshield, making them easy targets for thieves. Footage showing the other driver was at-fault can help you win your case, but footage showing you were distracted while driving could prove detrimental.

Cams are great additions to vehicles because they provide peace of mind while your car is parked. They also help you document other drivers’ faults in accidents.

Are Dashcams Worth it?

Dashcams are fantastic devices that help people who drive avoid accidents or even criminal charges. They can also prove your innocence in an accident. Dashcams can capture license plates of hit-and-run drivers. And if the dashcam has a GPS function, it could help emergency services locate you after an accident. However, there are certain disadvantages to using a dashcam. For example, insurance companies might not give discounts to them. Dashcams are inexpensive devices that record video footage of your car. These cameras are typically installed inside your vehicle and film everything that occurs while you’re driving.

Can Dashcam be used in Court?

This is one of the most important reasons to use a dashcam. Dashcam footage is acceptable as proof in court. In most jurisdictions, dashcam footage is admissible as evidence. However, you can’t record on private property or while your car is parked and facing private properties.

It would be best to tell passengers that they are being filmed before recording them. You must turn off the camera if they do not wish to be videotaped.

Where to Place Dashcam?

Dashcams should be mounted on the windshield because they give you a clear road view. Mounting them on the dashboard could distract drivers.

Experts recommend mounting the dashboard camera near the rearview mirror. This means that most of the dashcam is hidden behind the mirror. It also gives you an unobstructed view of the road. Some dash cams require specific mounting requirements. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your dashcam.

Having a Dashcam Lower Insurance?

No, no major insurance companies provide discounts for using a dashcam. However, suppose your dashboard camera captures evidence that you weren’t at fault in an accident or captures the identity of the person who hit and ran your vehicle. In that case, it could prevent you from having to file a claim on your auto insurance policy, avoiding a premium increase.

This information is used by companies to decide how much they should charge drivers. This can help them save money by lowering rates.

 Final Thoughts

These days dashcams are a must for car and personal security. The new models of dashcams offer a wide range of features. So it’s never bad to have something to watch your back. In this article we have discussed in detail the reasons to use a dashcam, it’s up to you which kind of dashcam is suited for your need.

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